Day 41: Chairman’s Submitted and All Parts Back


Today, our Chairman’s Submission was published.  You can read it here.  The Chairman’s Award is FIRST‘s highest honor, celebrating excellence as a whole team in addition to success on the field.


Today, we got the last batch of parts back from the powder coater.  At this point, all parts have returned from their respective sponsors.  Assembly has started and will continue tomorrow.

Scrimmage Preparations

Unfortunately, our practice field has gotten stuck in Chicago and got slightly delayed.  Due to the generosity of NASA, our title sponsor, the field was expedited and will be here between 5AM and 7AM on Saturday.  We will need to work extremely hard to get everything ready for the scrimmage.

Day 40: Elevator

Today, the elevator worked for the first time.  It is extremely fast.  We are taking the final batch of parts to the powdercoating shop in the morning.

Day 39: Meetings

Today, we had our whole team meeting at the lab.  Many team members and parents came together to discuss the robot and preparations for this weekend’s scrimmage.


The VEX Animation was submitted Saturday.

See it here:


The FRC Animation is being uploaded as I am posting this.

See it here:


Day 38: Machining, Wiring & Pneumatics


Today, the machining team worked on the elevator second stage top and bottom caps.  The bottom caps are complete and the top caps are in progress.

Furthermore, on the lathe, we worked on various spacers and shafts.

Wiring, Pneumatics & Programming

Today, we finished (except for sensors) wiring the bases on both robots.  Our second cRio arrived and we flashed it, allowing us to run both robots simultaneously.  We plumbed the pneumatics on the base of both robots and ran a pneumatics test on the practice robot.  After fixing several leaks, the system is good to go.

Control Boards

Today, we got the control board back from the CNC routing sponsor.  The next step is assembly.

Days 36 & 37: Driving Robots

After countless hours of gearbox building, wiring and troubleshooting, the practice robot is finally driving.  Furthermore, we have assembled one set of  bumpers.

Day 35: Gearboxes, Field Trips, Bumpers and More

Today at the lab, we got our parts back from the anodize shop which allowed us to finally start assembling gearboxes.  Everything looks great and this task should be finished in the next few days.

Pressing bearings into the gears and plates.

Gearbox parts awaiting assembly.

Unmounted gearbox.

A mounted gearbox with one motor.

Mounted gearbox.

On a separate note, we had several FIRST Lego League students who came to tour the lab today.

Nagy speaking to the FLL students.

Also today, the manufacturing and assembly teams were hard at work finishing the bumper frames. We will wrap fabric on the bumper frames tomorrow to hopefully finish the bumpers.

The minibot team has just about completed the CAD model of the final minibot. The design is now due for review and manufacturing in the next few days.

Minibot climbing the tower.

Day 34: Manufacturing, Programming & Bumper Assembly


Today, the manufacturing department was hard at work finishing most of the parts for the bumpers and working on the shifter dogs and minibot deployment rail end caps.  We hope to have every machined part done by Monday.


The programming team has been busy over the last few weeks perfecting teleoperated drive code.  Using a mix of linear, exponential and logarithmic functions, they have refined Onslaught’s teleoperated control.


The bumpers are coming together.  Today, we put all the steel nut plates onto the bumpers and cut pool noodles to length.  They should be completed tomorrow.

Day 33: Manufacturing

Today, we continued to work on manufacturing many of the primary parts for the robot.  The dog gears were started and are coming along great.  Furthermore, the bumper corner pieces are completed leaving the bumper pins as the only pieces remaining to be able to finish the bumpers.

The robot CAD as of today.

Day 32: Manufacturing

While we are waiting for parts to return from the andoize shop, we have been doing a ton of manufacturing.  Today, we finished lightening all of the robot’s gears and finished milling bumper wood.  Furthermore, we cut the steel bumper pin mount pieces and worked on shafts and spacers on the lathe.