This Week in FRC: More Workshops

On Friday, numerous Cheesy Poofs met for our second week of the 2010 FRC workshops.  We had a huge turnout of people from 254 and 1868.  All three workshops went great.

Next Friday will mark the start of our 3-week long CAD Seminar, where we will be working in groups to learn CAD skills while working on a super awesome project (to be announced) =D.

Also, we’re starting to organize machine tools training.  Be sure to fill out the form on the event signups page if you’re interested.  More details will come ASAP.


Animation Storyboard

Last week we worked on coordinating the script and storyboard.

We have started working on the first scenes of the animation and most of the models are finished.

VEX Programming Session

Last week, October 26th was our first VEX Programming Session. If anyone hasn’t had the chance to write a sample program or to look at sample code, please do that so that we can move on in the sessions!

If you haven’t downloaded the trial for Robot C, follow the link and start programming:

If you have any questions, please email Zahi Hakim at or Bhargava Manja at

VEX Tournament: Tracy

Teams 254 A and 254 E are ready to take on the Tracy regional. 254 D is another potential Cheesy Poof team that would want to attend, but is awaiting confirmation from the Tracy director for an extra slot.  254 B, C, H, and S have opted out of the regional in order to get extra time to perfect their ideas before heading into a regional ill-advised.

254 A deploys a “sketchy” at best hanging mechanism accompanied by a claw that has the ability to score and descore.

254 E has avoided the infamous ladder for the time being to focus on their double sided robot.  One side carries a simple spatula to descore while the opposite side of 254 E shows a rolling intake for scoring.

Both robots are tournament ready. There is a scheduled “pack-up hour” for Thursday after school in the Physic’s Lab to collect items such as tools and build material the teams may need for the regional.

Take Flight for Kids Demo

Team 254 and its robot, Devastator, had a great day at the 2010 Take Flight for Kids Festival.  We had hundereds of visitors who all loved the robot.  Some of the younger kids especially liked rolling the balls into the robot’s intake and letting the robot suck the balls up.  We also had a large group of team members at the event, allowing us to manage the crowds and run the robot safely.