Hall of Fame on Display

Team 254’s hall of fame display is on display in the brand new Lorry I Lokey Center at Bellarmine.  The display is right by the front door, just to the left of the principal’s office.

Hall of Fame on Display

World Champion T-Shirts

This is the final design for the world champion t-shirts that were ordered today.  The shirts should come in early next week on like tuesday.

CNN FIRST Documentary

Last night, “Don’t Fail Me: Education in America” aired on CNN.  This documentary featured FIRST extremely heavily and Team 254 is featured in the final few minutes.

If you’re interested in watching it, it can be found on Youtube in 6 parts. Part one is here and the remaining 6 parts are posted by the same user.

Einstein Matches

The final matches of FIRST Logomotion have been posted on Youtube.  Below are the videos we are featured in:

St. Louis Result

If you haven’t heard yet, we won World Championships.  We were allied with teams 111 and 973, and after making it through the tough Galileo division, we went on to dominate through Einstein and take it all. We additionally won the Industrial Design award for the whole competition.

As is team tradition, please remember to wear your team shirt tomorrow to show to everyone that you are a world champion.

This win would not have happened without all of you.  You should all be extraordinarily proud of yourselves.  This was an amazing season, and it could not have happened without all of your contributions.

Yeah Buddy and GO POOFS!

Hall of Fame Sent Out

Today, the hall of fame was sent out to the print shop for final printing.  We have decided to go with a printed hall of fame display for increased portability and professionalism.

The 2011 Hall of Fame Display (Lo-Resolution Version).

Above is the final layout for the display.  It will be printed on four 33″ wide panels each 80″ tall.  Great job to everyone who helped, especially Ryan for leading the project.

VEX World Championship

A large delegation from Team 254 traveled to Orlando today for the VEX Robotics World Championship.  Follow the action at robotevents.com with live webcasts and score updates from all of the divisions.

Teams 254A, 254B, 254D, 254E and 254H will be competing.

Minibot Ramp

Over the past week or so, we have been experimenting with a ramp-style minibot deployment.

After taking inspiration from some other teams including our friends on The Pink Team, we have determined that this is a potentially much faster method of minibot deployment.  Over the next few days, we will work to come up with a final design and begin manufacturing.

Shockwave Shipping Out

This weekend, several team members met at the lab to prepare Shockwave the T-Shirt Cannon for its upcoming appearances.  Shockwave will be traveling to Orlando for next week’s VEX world championship and to St. Louis for the FIRST World Chmpionship.  In preparation for this, we created vinyl decals for Shockwave and built a crate.  Shockwave will be shipped to Orlando tomorrow.

Shockwave with its new decals.

Shockwave's Crate in Construction

Shockwave ready to be shipped out.

Autonomous Improvements

Now that we are back at home with the practice robot, the programming team has had some time to make the one-tube autonomous routine faster and more reliable and also work on a two-tube routine.

The autonomous tube hanging is so reliable that we have discussed creating an “automatic tube hang” feature to be used in teleoperated once the drivers line up the robot to score.  Having this could potentially speed up scoring dramatically and also make it easier to score over übertubes.