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Animation Status

Currently we have finished all the scenes of the VEX animation besides the last one of the gameplay.  We will render the 3rd through 5th scenes of the animation tonight and have them all posted to the Dropbox in the morning.

The gameplay scene is being finished by Johnathan Chang as I am typing and will be completed and rendered by Sunday morning.

Bhargava Manja will record all of the voices for the scenes we have rendered by tomorrow.

Erik Anderson will have the music done Saturday.

VEX animation started

The animation team began making a game for this year’s vex animation challenge.

The rules of the animation challenge are:

Here are the rules to our game:

There are small tops upside down on the field in 4 circles of 6 with a large top in the middle of each circle. There are 4 more large tops on posts on walls. There are two goals in the corners of the field on the floor. There are 4 cylindrical goals, 2 for each team, that small tops can be placed in for bonus points.

The tops can be scored in the corner goals for points by  rolling them in. There is a large covering over the corner goals to prevent scoring from above. To discourage descoring, there is a small ramp, 1″ high and 4″ long that will keep the tops inside the corner goal. However, descoring is completely legal.

The small tops can also be lifted and scored in cylindrical goals for additional points.

There is a bonus piece as well. A 5 lb weight is placed in the center of the field and can be lifted onto the corner goal for a point bouns within the last 30 seconds of the match.

Dimentions of pieces:


small tops:  4″

big tops:  6″

dumbell: We’ll make it 5 lbs.

cylindrical goal: 4″ wide 12″ tall



small top in a corner goal.  2pts

big top in a corner goal.  5pts

small top in a cylindrical goal. TBD

dumbell on a floor goal.  TBD

Movement, Textures, and Music

Johnathan Chang worked on the opening scene of the Saftey Animation.

Ryan Barekat finished the textures used on the main character’s model.

Erik Anderson is composing the score for the animation.

Animation Storyboard

Last week we worked on coordinating the script and storyboard.

We have started working on the first scenes of the animation and most of the models are finished.