Day 20: Prototyping, Manufacturing, Programming


Today, the minibot prototyping group continued to work on their small prototype utilizing small, machined concave-style wheels.  They attached tread to the wheels and worked on weight distribution.

Several members of the prototyping team work on the minibot prototype.

Tread glued to the concave wheels.


Today, the manufacturing team was working on all of our machines in the lab.  The lathe group worked on drive gearbox spacers.  The mill team was drilling holes and preparing the rear supports for the elevator.  Finally, the CNC group was milling several gusset plates for the elevator rear supports.

EJ, Abhi and Adam work on the lathe.

Aaron working on the mill.

At the end, we were able to assemble one of the drivetrain rear supports.

Elevator Rear Support Bar


Today, the programming team was here working on several crucial parts of the code.  Groups were working on the robot, simulator and dashboard.

Daniel installing the camera on Onslaught.

Eric working on the simulator.