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MiniBot Success!

Robot Side Video

Day 46: Ship Day

The robot has shipped and is on its way to San Diego.

Day 45: The Day Before Ship

Today was the last day of build before the robot ships to San Diego.  We spent the day doing everything we possibly could to get the robot ready to compete.  After several hours of  chasing pressure leaks on the competition robot, we finally tracked down a leak in the regulator and got it fixed so that the robot will now hold pressure.  Furthermore, we finished the blue bumpers today so that we can get those shipped.  The Finance and Award Submissions Teams were also hard at work today on write-ups and the robot bill of materials which must be finished before competition.  Finally, we did a robot photo shoot with the robot on seamless white paper.  Photos need to be edited but will be up in the next few days.

Tomorrow, we will ship the robot and bumpers.  We plan on withholding the carriage/arm assembly and the minibot deployment system (not yet built) and bringing these to San Diego as part of our withholding allowance.

Day 44: Robot Drive Tests

Today, we got the practice robot up to the point that the competition robot got to yesterday and ran some driving tests on the field.  It scores well.

Days 42-43: Scrimmage Preparations & Robot Finishing

Scrimmage Preparations

After a very stressful period of the field shipment being delayed, it finally arrived at about 1:30PM on Saturday, Day 43.  We immediately started assembly and had it just about done before dinner time.

Robot Finishing

Both us and our sister team, 1868 have been finishing up our robots.  Today, 254 ran its first tube test and scored several tubes on all rack locations after loading tubes from the ground and the human player.  The scoring mechanism works great but the elevator and arm need some additional programming to increase controllability.

Day 41: Chairman’s Submitted and All Parts Back


Today, our Chairman’s Submission was published.  You can read it here.  The Chairman’s Award is FIRST‘s highest honor, celebrating excellence as a whole team in addition to success on the field.


Today, we got the last batch of parts back from the powder coater.  At this point, all parts have returned from their respective sponsors.  Assembly has started and will continue tomorrow.

Scrimmage Preparations

Unfortunately, our practice field has gotten stuck in Chicago and got slightly delayed.  Due to the generosity of NASA, our title sponsor, the field was expedited and will be here between 5AM and 7AM on Saturday.  We will need to work extremely hard to get everything ready for the scrimmage.

Day 40: Elevator

Today, the elevator worked for the first time.  It is extremely fast.  We are taking the final batch of parts to the powdercoating shop in the morning.


The VEX Animation was submitted Saturday.

See it here:


The FRC Animation is being uploaded as I am posting this.

See it here:


Day 38: Machining, Wiring & Pneumatics


Today, the machining team worked on the elevator second stage top and bottom caps.  The bottom caps are complete and the top caps are in progress.

Furthermore, on the lathe, we worked on various spacers and shafts.

Wiring, Pneumatics & Programming

Today, we finished (except for sensors) wiring the bases on both robots.  Our second cRio arrived and we flashed it, allowing us to run both robots simultaneously.  We plumbed the pneumatics on the base of both robots and ran a pneumatics test on the practice robot.  After fixing several leaks, the system is good to go.

Control Boards

Today, we got the control board back from the CNC routing sponsor.  The next step is assembly.