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T-Shirts Ordered

The team T-Shirts are ordered and should be ready just in time for the Bellarmine VEX Tournament.

The Front of the Team T-Shirt

The Back of the Team T-Shirt

Scouting/Spirit 12/6 and 12/13

Hey team,

First, I apologize that last weeks update didn’t get put up. I wrote it, but for some reason it didn’t post…

So, last weekend (12/4 specifically), teams 254A, B, and D competed in the Pan Pacific tournament, and 254C, E, H, and S competed in Fairfield. 254A and B took home their championship, and thanks to some great scouting 254E and H dominated at Fairfield. CheesyScout was used at Fairfield, and appeared to mostly work.

On the spirit side from last week, James Garbanati has agreed to lead a refurbishing of the mascot costume. Major grievances to be fixed are the amount of air flow in the costume, and the washability of the costume. The plan is to put more ventilation in the head, and to make it possible to wash the sweat out of it, instead of just febreezing the hell out of it after each tournament. If you are interested in helping James, email him at

For today’s meeting, the results of this Saturday’s San Ramon tournament were announced. 254D and H competed. Although both were experiencing field-related difficulties, H ended up ranking, and both D and H were picked in the first round. Unfortunately, they were picked by different alliances, and so were pitted against each other in the quarterfinals, where H prevailed and went on to win the whole tournament. However, D went straight to the driver’s challenge field after their defeat, and scored a 72, winning the challenge by 17 points and qualifying them for the championship as well. This brings our total VEX teams that have qualified to 5, being A, B, D, E, and H.

For spirit, it has been decided that we will be creating a new flag, replacing the one that was lost last season at the championships, which was replacing the one that was lost two seasons before that at the championships, which was probably replacing a flag lost way before any of those, most likely at a championship. It was immediately agreed upon that we would not lose this one, at a championship or otherwise. It was debated whether or not to make 2 flags, one with the FRC swoosh and one with the Vex swoosh, and it was agreed to wait until it had been decided whether the Vex swoosh violated copyright or government logo standards on whether or not to make two flags. If you are interested in helping me create this flag, email me at

That’s about it. Go Poofs,


Archiving Update

For this week, no meeting was held. At the large team meeting I personally contacted everyone who has not turned in their assignment. In addition, I gave them the names again so that they can go back and check. Finally, someone on the archiving team agreed to take the large list that we have to search for any deficiencies so that he can update them himself. This week should be a time for consolidating the lists.

VEX animation started

The animation team began making a game for this year’s vex animation challenge.

The rules of the animation challenge are:

Here are the rules to our game:

There are small tops upside down on the field in 4 circles of 6 with a large top in the middle of each circle. There are 4 more large tops on posts on walls. There are two goals in the corners of the field on the floor. There are 4 cylindrical goals, 2 for each team, that small tops can be placed in for bonus points.

The tops can be scored in the corner goals for points by  rolling them in. There is a large covering over the corner goals to prevent scoring from above. To discourage descoring, there is a small ramp, 1″ high and 4″ long that will keep the tops inside the corner goal. However, descoring is completely legal.

The small tops can also be lifted and scored in cylindrical goals for additional points.

There is a bonus piece as well. A 5 lb weight is placed in the center of the field and can be lifted onto the corner goal for a point bouns within the last 30 seconds of the match.

Dimentions of pieces:


small tops:  4″

big tops:  6″

dumbell: We’ll make it 5 lbs.

cylindrical goal: 4″ wide 12″ tall



small top in a corner goal.  2pts

big top in a corner goal.  5pts

small top in a cylindrical goal. TBD

dumbell on a floor goal.  TBD

Archiving Update

Last week a meeting was scheduled for Thursday, but not enough people showed up, so it didn’t happen.

I have personally contacted everyone on the team to remind them of their assignments and the meetings.

Marketing & PR Update


  • We have finished writing the prompts.
  • Our efforts now are focussed on the Main Essay that we will be submitting as part of the application.
  • We are also working on the story board for the movie portion of the submission.
  • If anyone has a video camera they would like to lend or an video editing experience, please let me know.
  • If you still need hours, please organize something with six teammates
  • There will still be opportunities organized by the team, so please look for those.
  • You are able to do service hours over Christmas break that will count for your first semester, only if you turn them in to Mr. Janke the 1st day we get back from break. If you miss this deadline, your hours will count for second semester.
Publicity Team
  • We are starting to organize a Publicity team led by Kendall Searing.
  • If you are interested in photography or writing or anything of the sort, please contact Kendall
Hall of Fame
  • We are making a new hall of fame display for this season.
  • Our current ideas for this display is having two or three 48″ pull down banners to hang in the Pit, and one 48″ pull down banner that will change yearly. If you are interested in helping with these banners, contact Ryan Barekat.
  • We are also working on a press binder to display our T-Shirt Cannon’s publicity

Zero Robotics Comes to an End

After a strong few months of programming, the Zero Robotics team draws the season to an end. At the last competition, which took place at MIT on Friday the 12th, BCP Zero Robotics placed 3rd out of 8 teams in our bracket, but placed 11th out of the entire 24 teams. The cut off for the semi-final round was 10th place, knocking us out of the competition. Let’s win it next year!

Movement, Textures, and Music

Johnathan Chang worked on the opening scene of the Saftey Animation.

Ryan Barekat finished the textures used on the main character’s model.

Erik Anderson is composing the score for the animation.

Archiving Update

For the week of November 8 to November 14 the submissions for archiving were submitted to me.

About half the team has responded with their info, and the other half has not contacted me.

I will talk to everyone on the team this week and I will shuffle assignments if necessary.

Zero Robotics

This September, we got a team of programmers together and applied to participate in an MIT and NASA sponsored competition called Zero Robotics. After a very difficult application process, we got accepted among 24 other teams out of over 100! Using an online simulator, our team met multiple times a week to develop strategies and code that would help us fulfill our mission efficiently, which is to search for a lost solar panel, and retrieve it back to our space station, all while avoiding other satellites. In a recent online “simulator” competition, our team took 12th out of 24 teams. There is an upcoming competition for which we recently submitted our code.