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254D High Hangs!

VEX Team 254D has been working hard since their last tournament to improve on their design as much as possible.  After a lot of work, their robot successfully high hangs on the ladder for a whopping 20 points!

All of the Team 254 VEX Teams are busy pulling together their robots before their Thursday deadline.

Lab Floor Painting & Cleaning

Today, more team members met at the NASA lab to apply a second coat of paint to the floor on the upstairs mezzanine.  The newly painted surface looks great and we will move the furniture upstairs tomorrow once the paint dries.  Furthermore, we mopped and vacuumed the floor downstairs and organized the tool chest, the white shelves and the cabinet in the machine shop.

Lab Floor Painting

Today, several team members met at the NASA lab to paint the floor of the upstairs mezzanine.  Two weeks ago, we sanded the floor to remove the chipping paint and last week new paint was able to be purchased.  To prevent chipping, we are using a urethane-based industrial paint.  Tomorrow, we will meet again to apply a second coat of paint.